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Would women’s rights compromise men’s Dignity?

At a time when calls from here and there rise to save women from the injustices of menand to provide them with all guarantees that maintain their dignity as well as peace ansecurity inside and outside the home, when different social and legislative organization senacted laws and covenants that ensure women’s rights and when political and academic conferences in the Arab and Muslim World issued numerous recommendations stressing the high position of women in society, no single statement has been issued, nor aconference has been held or a call has been voiced against women’s excesses in the use of these rights or against their mistreatment of their husbands and children. Read More

Converts in the house of the lord

Brian Leaver was a truck driver, an Aussie who loved his footy, beer and the Saturday “arvo” barbecue – and so did his mates. Recently, he stood before a small gathering at a former Lakemba bowling club to explain why two years ago, after years of spiritual struggle, he turned to Islam, a faith not only foreign to his Christian upbringing but also one which he had once dismissed as the quackery of misogynists and terrorists. Read More

How a Christian American Pastor became a Muslim Preacher

The founder of MVPR is an American citizen, Samuel Earle Shropshire. He is 69 years old, a former pastor. He has an equivalent of a PhD degree in theology. He has spent his entire life working for nonprofit causes.

He has worked in the fields of human rights and peacemaking, lobbying the American, Canadian, British governments and the United Nations for 35 years.

He has connections with many pastors, priests, monks, congressmen, members of parliament and other government leaders.

Mohammad : prophet of Islam

Mohammad: The Noble Character
Prophet Mohammad was born in Makkah, around A.D. 570, in a tribe called Quraish. His lineage traces back to Prophet Abraham, which Muslims call the father of the Prophets. A few weeks after his birth, his father, Abdullah, died and it was not long before his mother, Aminah, had passed away as well. Mohammad did not suffer the usual hardships and deprivations of orphanhood because all the things around, from people to animals up to stones and trees, surrounded him with care and attention; as if it had been known to all that future was anticipating his awaited arrival. Read More

Zakah: Taking Alms of Their Wealth

The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “Islam is based on five (principles): to testify that there is no deity but Allah and that Muhammad is Allah’s Messenger; to offer the compulsory Prayers (salah) dutifully and perfectly; to pay zakah (obligatory charity); to perform Hajj (pilgrimage to the Ka`bah in Makkah); to observe fast during the month of Ramadan.” (Reported by Al-Bukhari)

The Muslim individual is required to pay zakah as an expression of obedience to Allah. It goes hand in hand with salah (ritual Prayers); one is the bodily expression of submission to the Creator, the other is the financial expression of the same. Therefore, zakah is obligatory for Muslims. Read More

Why Islam is not Compatible with terrorism?

Every day in the united states, news broadcasts and articles inform Americans that islam, particularly the interpretation commonly referred to as Wahhabism, is synonymous with terrorism, violence and hatred. More than airplanes were hijacked on 9/11. The very images of Islam and Muslims, particularly Saudis, were twisted and distorted to support popular beliefs that Islam as it is interpreted and practised in Saudi Arabia is the source of global terrorism and anti-Americanism. Many Americans have concluded not only that America’s relationship with Saudi Arabia must end, but also that Islam and Muslims must be regarded with suspicion, that the civil liberties of American Muslims and Muslims living in America ought to be curtailed, and that foreign Muslims should be denied student visas to come to the United States for studies in order to prevent further acts of terrorism from occurring on American soil. Within such an environment, what prospects exist for redressing US-Saudi relations and, most importantly; the images of Islam, Wahhabism, and Muslims? Read More